If you are having issues in your marriage, or if one or both of you believe it best to end the marital relationship, mediation is often the most amicable and cost-effective way to transition into the next phase of your lives.

Over the past 30 years, so many family law rules have emerged that most issues between spouses are straightforward and can be resolved easily. In most cases, it does not make sense for parties to waste time and money going to court, only to leave their fate in the hands of a judge who is impartial to each of your needs and who has scores of other cases on his or her agenda.

Mediation can be done in several ways. Both parties can hire one attorney to mediate the entire case, prepare all of the paperwork, and complete the case, thereby saving the cost of two lawyers.

Alternatively, parties who already have lawyers can mediate via a third, neutral lawyer who can issue recommendations and prepare a marital settlement agreement that protects both parties.