Matt Bogosian is a passionate, caring, intelligent Family Law Lawyer in Calabasas and the BEST divorce attorney in Southern California…He is a tremendous “ring-side” coach as well as a “prize fighter” when it comes to Los Angeles divorce law…A zealous advocate…A Friend…A true divorce strategist like I have never experienced. My third, and final family lawyer…The only divorce and family attorney I would ever suggest to ANYONE in the State of California, better…all of the USA…Top family attorneys are few and far between…Even though he is not admitted to practice divorce law in all 52 states…I would ask the court to admit Matthew Bogosian to argue YOUR divorce or family law case “pro hac vice!” His divorce law tactics and strategies and sophistication would mean he would likely do a far better job, a more thorough job, a more passionate and caring and divorce trial ready job, then any other divorce lawyer in California or any other STATE for that matter! Why? Bogosian is an LA County family law attorney that truly KNOWS your plight…Been there, done that, has personal divorce under his belt I have come to learn…He Understands YOU and THE LAW, and more importantly, he is a Southern California Divorce Lawyer with negotiating, mediation, and arbitration in his background and litigation in HIS BLOOD…He is a Family lawyer that knows how NOT to act like other family attorneys…He is not here to waste time, energy, money on nonsense…He runs a super tight divorce case and his maturity, skill, and knowledge are far beyond his age…Divorce strategy or tactical considerations seem to be second nature. He understands men, women, children, and as I may have mentioned, has been through his own divorce case, trials, tribulations, and for that, there is no substitute! He serves US, his California Divorce Clients by creating a compelling and comprehensive strategy or plan. For a guy with heart, he has the instincts and abilities of a trained “professional,” if you catch my drift;-) Seriously, he is a winner because he is precise…He is a winner because he listens…he is a winner because he makes sure that he keeps track of all that must be kept track of…In other words, if I, as a pro per, and I was prior to the PANACEA that is MATTHEW BOGOSIAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, sent out a letter, offered evidence, or responded to any number of time wasting legal “weapons” from opposing divorce counsel, they were either rejected for bad form (I.e. Form in civil court, family court, is as important, or more important almost then content…hard lesson to learn as a pro per…) or fell on “deaf ears.” Bogosian makes sure that he sends everything to opposing counsel with a clean, succinct, impassioned, well-drafted letter…Files divorce papers that need filing, and can retrieve them in seconds when opposing SoCal family attorneys act as if they have yet to receive them… He writes like John Grisham (powerful), speaks to US like a friend (Howard Stern for me…maybe Dr. Laura for you), but you feel as if he has been a confidant for years. He is a Los Angeles attorney based in beautiful Calabasas but who has satellite offices in Burbank, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Westlake Village, and Sherman Oaks, so he can take depositions and meet with clients virtually anywhere. He has handled some of the biggest celebrity names in the business but he takes just as much pride in helping the little guy or gal. If he likes you, he’ll take your case, it’s that simple. And if he doesn’t, he’ll do everything he can to turn you into the kind of person who wears the “white hat” so that you will succeed in court and in your life. He cares about all your relationships whether it be with your ex (how can you get along better to get what you want), with your new mate (how not to repeat the same mistakes), with your kids (how to love them even when they don’t always show love to you) and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself. He is more than a lawyer. He is a life coach and mentor. He can quote words of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin to Tony Robbins to John Kenneth Galbraith right off the top of his head but his wisest advice truly comes from his heart. He pays attention to the details and, like a master of any craft, articulates and educates his family law clients because he wants to make us understand where we are, where we are headed, and what we can and cannot do to protect our financial, family, spiritual, and emotional health…He is organized and efficient. He is an attorney in California that uses his words wisely and always keeps his word…Thanks Matt for being the one divorce lawyer who actually cares about ME, the family law client, and who has lead me down a path I never thought possible in a family law case, not to mention, my own divorce case…Matthew Bogosian is a rock…MY rock, and has changed the way I feel about my future, the future of my children, and is one of the most dedicated, diligent, and competent PEOPLE I know…one I can now call a friend and MY California divorce lawyer…I truly believe he is a gem.

Michael G.