I recently went through a divorce, including a child custody battle with my wife of 6 years. I was referred to Matt Bogosian through a very close friend, and was not sure what to expect. What I found is that Matt is not like most attorneys. He explained everything to me thoroughly, which made everything very easy to understand. All costs for his services were told upfront, with no hidden fees. In regards to my child support battle he spent countless hours researching to make sure that we were not taken advantage of by my wife or her attorney. My wife was asking for a sum of $5,000 dollars per month. After all of Matt’s research and knowledge of the California state laws on divorce and child support, he was able to get my monthly child support payment down to $1200. In addition, he got me almost 50% visitation with my two boys. In addition to this when looking into pricing on other attorneys, Matt’s prices are extremely competitive. Last, and probably most important, I could get a hold of Matt, via text, email or phone at almost any part of the day, which is pretty unheard of for an attorney of his stature. I wrote this letter in appreciation for what Matt did for me in a situation that can be very stressful. He made it relatively simple.

Nathan B.